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Snippets of my crazy life.

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I’ve had a very difficult three weeks… All related to terrible behavior by adults. Professional adults, parents, etc. It seemed to me common decency had left us. My kids every evening would ask if I was okay - they could see it on my face.   They could hear me say a prayer out loud looking for grace and wisdom when I am usually very private.  I’m worn out and it shows.

As 9/11 comes to an end I remember 10 yrs ago where I was, but more importantly I remember being resilient. We had 4 children, Alex and Frank barely in elementary. We didn’t know what we were doing, so young and hopeful.  I hope today has brought some perspective to those who have continued to try and knock me down.  Today reminded me that no matter the obstacle, I always get back up and get going.  

My success as a business owner, wife and mother comes from that knowledge. I experienced extreme heartache and drama early on (21 yrs old - 23 yrs old). My father has always said there is nothing that hard work and spending more time with your family can’t fix.  So while other reflect on today’s anniversary, I also reflect on my own will to get up and keep on trying to do good work… for myself, for my kids, for my business and for my community.  Will you join me?  Give me a week and I will have my youthful glow back.  I am only giving you all a week to get it together before I begin to throw the trash out of my life, again.

p.s. pray for family. My cousin lost the family business last week in the fires in Bastrop. They employ a lot of people and a LOT of family. We’re here for you Navarro’s. and go COWBOYS!