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Lent 2012

As my fellow Catholics prepare for the Lenten season I am reminded by the best sermon I ever heard about Lent and Sacrifice while a freshman at the University of Dallas. I am not going to wax on. I find many people who profess and talk about their faith as fake as they come - probably because if you are talking about it so much are you still talking yourself into it? Just be. Just live it. Just do it (go Nike!)

I just have a few points to make:

  • It’s not a Lenten sacrifice if you’re posting and tweeting about garnering sympathy how you have given up sugar, chocolate, alcohol, >insert yours here< Let us not complain, whine and go on about how hard Lent is… let’s approach Lent with some humility and grace.
  • Also, don’t just give up something - promise to do something extra… Put in the extra effort… and again, don’t talk about it so much.

My freshman year at college among scholars and theologians has taught me so much, but the Fat Tuesday sermon by Fr. Kelly in 1989 was the best. Now I must log off and myself prepare for Lent. 

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