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The House That Built Me - this isn’t just the title to a great song by Miranda Lambert… it are words that have resonated with me throughout my adult life. Hey, I’m only 40…so last 15 yrs (I wasn’t ‘grown’ until about 25).

I love this song.  It speaks to me in a different way.  The house that built me is my family, The Abalos’ and the Ramirez’ and more specifically my parents. Two great families, two completely different families and still very much the same - tons of unconditional love.  My parents were and continue to be such a great example of a strong marriage and true partnership.  It hasn’t been easy being the daughter of Susie Ramirez.  Her standards are insane and to come in just a hair short just isn’t acceptable..  My fathers standards also high but completely different.  It is amazing how two people so completely different managed to find each other in a small dusty west Texas town and continue to stay together some 40+ yrs later.  I’m proud to be with J2 for 16 yrs now.

J2 and I are completely different. Hell, he was born in Thailand under the worst of circumstances and by chance he made it to the US, and then in Texas for his last 3 high school years and on a whim came back to Texas after his service in the Marine Corp AND working security detail that fateful night when I needed an escort to my car (I had a crazy stalker).  It wasn’t his usual shift or even job location. Yeah - fate, destiny, kismet, whatever… Its here now and it’s awesome.  I hope my kids later in life will remember the house that built them.

When I listen to the lyrics in Miranda’s song, she is trying to find and remember all those things that built her.  I am so privileged that I live that same moment every day of my life.  The house that built me is the same house I have built for my own family.  The house that built me was the love, the examples of partnership from my parents and the extended Abalos family and the Ramirez family has taught me soi much (what to do, what NOT to do)  Man, it is awesome being Mexican… We have such a large family.  We speak two languages… We have a rich culture, traditions that transcend generations.  We have a Ramirez family wedding next weekend and I, no Jaz and I are honored to be a part of the wedding service.  The couple wanted the traditional lasso from a strong committed couple.  Even better - my parents are giving the couple the Arras.  I was like, WOW, we’ve made it.  We are up there with parents and our relationship is respected.  

The house that built me is in Sonora, Robert Lee, and Rankin, Texas. 

Miranda and Blake, I wish you much happiness.  I also wish I was planning your wedding.  Seriously, I am the gal when it come to big ranch weddings, but I’ll forgive you… I’m not well known in Longview or Nashville.  More importantly as a gal who believes in Love, I wish you lots of it and hope you guys have a big family and continued success in your careers.  Remember the house that built you and then create one of your own.  Thanks for bringing your wedding here. I love your venue and try to work there often.  You have a great caterer and they prepare deer like no one else in town.  

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