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Taking the summers off

Since 2007, I have refused to take a wedding for the months of June, July and August unless a client pays a premium. One of my favorite couples was married 2 summers ago. I am thrilled to have been a part of their wedding.  I know this all sounds cool - Jennifer is such an awesome empire builder that she gets to takethe summers off… yeah, I’m pretty cool.  I just refuse to suit up in that black Ann Taylor suit and sweat…. and …

I’m still working. Brides are still getting married and need servicing of their contract.  I still need to book brides for late Fall and early 2012.  And frankly, I have ass loads of kids.  If you were getting married this summer and I was your planner, you would already be annoyed with me.  Every year, this same week, my life has been thrown into total chaos.  You would think I would be prepared, but nope… never am.  The kids have been out of school less than a week and I still don’t have a sense of schedule, order, organization… zip, nada, nothing.

I think it takes a smart business owner to not only realize their limitations but to also take the appropriate steps. Of course I would love to make more money, but frankly, I wouldn’t give you great customer service if your event took place in the summer.  It is Wednesday evening and I have probably only put in 3 hours of work all week.

Monday - trying to get organized - creating menu for the week, recreating the chore schedule, updating calendars for summer kid stuff, laundry.

Tuesday - I don’t even remember what we did yesterday.

Wednesday - I have washed 10 loads of laundry. TEN.  I still have about 4 on the couch waiting to be folded, hung, put away. I managed to make dinner. I played taxi driver.  Tonight, I’ve updated my evernote to reflect the grocery shopping that was supposed to be done Monday morning based on the menu that was supposed to be done Sunday.  I’ve updated my tasks for clients in google apps.  

Hey, I am even down a kid - Alex is at ROTC camp somewhere in Texas.  

I think I am a pretty bad ass planner and usually have it all together, but I know my limits and I don’t want to provide bad customer service.  So listen to the wise ‘not so old’ experienced planner… especially if you have kids, dogs, extracurricular… know your limits and make good decisions around them.