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Help Me help them

I’ve often posted on this blog about my personal stuff and I’ve mentioned what truly feeds my soul. I love weddings & social events, but when I started using these skills to help non-profits my business organically went to the next level and in turn my life has just been filled with goodness.

This year, through Isabel’s soccer, I’ve met a wonderful mother, nurse and now friend.  She introduced me to kids she works with everyday.  I had no idea there are kids born with out ribs. Their generic condition is called Thoracic Insufficiency Syndrome(TIS).  One of these kids made a short film, with some powerful Hollywood help.  The San Antonio premiere is in a couple of days. I am hoping all my friends can come out and have some fun. Or if you aren’t local, please consider buying a ticket for kids who can’t afford it or consider making a small donation to the Titanium Rib Foundation.  

TRF aims to help families whose resources have been depleted because of TIS.  On average these children will have 40 surgeries by the time they are 18.  Often 2-3 times per year.  Clay is an amazing child who is on track for his 41st surgery shortly after his movie premiere on Thursday.  Please come out and meet him and join me on the red carpet.

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